If you have a question about your water service or water meter this is a great place to start. How they work, links to the fee structure, ecoder checkup, what to do if something goes wrong, and frequently asked questions.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an Ecoder Status
It is essentially your water meter status. Your meter records a few usage statistics that can be useful in determining problems with your water service. These statistics are referred to by the manufacturer as Ecoder Data. The statistics it keeps are: Consecutive days with zero consumption, days of intermittent leak, days of continuous leak, the severity of reverse flow events.
How do I read my meter
You must locate your physical water meter: they are typically found where the water service enters the building. You will need a flashlight or other directional light source. Shine the light on the clear plastic lens of the meter and observe the digital display. The Meter will display information in sequence, showing some information similar to a date, and then displaying the current meter reading registered in litres (for 5/8 and 3/4 meters). Litres can be converted to Cubic Meters by dividing by 1000.

Check Your Water Meter Status

Use the Lookup Utility below to retrieve the latest ecoder data for your water meter. If your status shows a leak, check your taps and toilets for leaks and repair as soon as possible.

You will need to type the information below EXACTLY as it is written on your Utility Bill (include all CAPS, spaces, abbreviations, punctuations, etc.)
Water Meter Status Lookup Utility

Something is Wrong

For a water emergency please contact public works at 807-727-2597.

Water Meter Billing

Information on water bills contact Municipal Office at 807-735-2096.