In the list below you will find applications for various permits and licensing. Its not a complete listing of the permits and licences that are available from the Municipal Office; if you require a particular licence, permit, or application form please contact us and we will attempt to provide it for you.
Please Note: Some of these forms are maintained by the Province of Ontario, the Government of Canada, and various other regional entities. As such they are subject to change without notice to you or the Municipality. Please notify us if links to any of the forms listed here have become broken and we will update our information. Thanks!

Fire Permit Information

Fire Permits are required for burning during the fire season (April 1st - October 31st) within municipal boundaries. There is to be no day burning during the fire season. Fire Permits can be purchased online. Please check the current fees bylaw for permit rate information. If you have any other questions please contact the By-Law Enforcement Officer at 735-2096 x225.

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