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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join a Committee?
Following each regular municipal election, Council makes appointments to various Boards and Committees with terms to coincide with Council's term. If you are interested in joining a Board or Committee your first step is to complete an Application. Applications are available for pick up at the Municipal Office or online here.
From time to time there are vacancies that must be filled throughout the term and these are vacancies advertised and appointed by resolution.
Requirements for serving on a Board or Commitee


  • Must be a resident of Red Lake or belong to an organization which is represented on the Committee;
  • Cannot usually sit on more than one Committee;
  • Must reapply to sit on a Committee at the beginning of each Council term. Committee membership is not carried through an election.
Which Board or Committee(s) should I apply to serve on?
You may apply to any Board or Committee that you are interested in serving on. Please note that Mayor and Council have the discretion to reappoint or not reappoint Members dependent upon Council priorities.

More Questions about Boards & Committees

For more information about Boards and Committees contact the Clerk's Department at 807-735-2096